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Amended Save Money Newsletter for March 2011
April 26, 2011

Now that the brighter days are coming the easier it is to see items around the house that are in need of a clean. So the sun has a lot to answer for!

How about taking a fresh look at those old fashioned cleaning remedies – soda crystal, bicarbonate of soda and borax? These items have been around for so long that they now tend to be over looked. So much cheaper than the ‘flashy and colourful’ synthetic sprays.

If you have white plastic window frames and doors in your house, try Tip No. 22 on this page.

On our page Parenting, we have an excellent tip for new mums that includes one of the old fashioned remedies that could save mums up to £800 – just think of what you could do with that amount of money. Take a look at saving money on nappies

With the fine weather comes gardening, decorating and tinkering with the car or motor bike. All of this adds up to dirty overalls. Add a small cup-full of washing soda to the washing machine to cope with a load of greasy overalls. This is all manufacturers use in their pricey packets of grime removing detergents.

Now that this site has grown so large, containing so much information, we have added a Searching facility at which should make things easier for you.

Until next month, don’t work too hard at the spring cleaning, but enjoy the sun and take care. Jo.

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