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Amended Save Money Newsletter for March 2011
March 12, 2011

This month has mostly been taken up in refurbishing the pages of the web site – all 176 – to make them more user friendly when you visit, plus several new pages have been added.

Now that every penny counts, did you know that just one letter can decide whether you lose your internet security and your money?

Take a look at our new page Internet Security Protection. Whoever said ignorance is expensive knew what they were talking about.

Our other new pages that have been added include.......

First of all do you have an old banger that you would like to get rid of but can’t face the hassle or are lacking the initiative? Take a look at Scrap Cars - Giveacar This is a charity that will literally do all the dirty work for you. Why not solve your problem the easy way?

Secondly, can you write something longer than a Twitter message? If so take a look at Submit an Article This is the ideal place to promote your business, your web site, your hobby or even your club or organization – and it is free. Just take the opportunity now, follow our instructions and you will probably be amazed at the result. You will get a web page entirely to yourself for your own publicity.

Also there is a new addition to our Gardening Diary Because of the high price and shortage of purple sprouting broccoli this year, we are trying a new Chinese broccoli, with seeds bought from eBay. Definitely gardening with a difference.

Plenty for you to digest - literally - , so until this time next month,

Take care, Jo.

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