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Save Money Newsletter for Christmas
November 20, 2008

Because Credit Crunch Christmas is approaching fast, this Newsletter is a little earlier than usual.

Despite the hard times there is a way to lighten the spending at Christmas. Take a look at our new page You will be sure to find a money saving tip or two there. Tip No. 1 is especially good if you have hidden talents.

Also there really is a light at the end of the tunnel if you follow Tips No.1 and 2 on our page

I made massive savings in the number of electricity units consumed over the year. This is so easy to do and the savings are instant. It is possible to save over 87 on your bill for the year just by being a little careful.

Also, on the same page, you will find out where and how to change your suppliers of both gas and electricity. It is worth doing this check once a year to make sure you are getting maximum savings. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes of your time.

So, before the festivities start, when you may well be using more electricity and gas than usual, get your system running to maximum efficiency.

Have a happy Christmas in spite of the credit crunch. You can do it.

Our next Save Money Newsletter will come to you in the dark days of December, when we hope we will be able to offer you some cheer or at the very least, some good advice.

Kind regards. Jo Withey.

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