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Save Money Newsletter for February, 2011
February 12, 2011

This month we have another really good competition for you. Win a portrait in oils (worth £65) painted using your own favourite photograph – of you, your child or a favourite pet.

Visit to enter. 20% of all profits are donated to Definitely a competition to enter – a prize for you and a prize for the charity.

With Spring hopefully fast approaching many people will be thinking of moving house. Don’t get caught on an expensive, bad deal with hidden faults in the property. Take a look at a Damp and Timber Surveyor and learn from my own personal experience. There is also a special 5% discount available via our web site.

If you have not yet caught up with our parenting advice and reading age pages, do take a look. Once a child has the ability to read he/she can do virtually anything – even be an astronaut!

Now that heating oil prices have literally gone through the roof, the advice on central heating oil prices and heating oil theft may well be of interest.

Have you been bitten by the ‘flu bug’? Don’t spend a fortune on branded medicines – take a look at and save money on

Until next month, take care, Jo.

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