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Save Money Newsletter for January, 2011
January 14, 2011

A New Year lies ahead so let‘s wish it lives up to your expectations. Some of these tips might help you.

First of all another very good, free competition for you. Do you fancy winning a pair of ASICS sports shoes? Just go to and enter. So simple. There is also a 15% discount when you buy any pair of ASICs shoes. Saving you money here again.

With many New Year resolutions already falling by the wayside take a look at Failed Slimmers is so true and funny it will surely strike a chord with many of us.

Did you have a new puppy for Christmas? If so, our Dog's Rules might help both of you.

Now that heating bills are literally going through the roof, there are two elementary things to do. Keep the heat in and once you have paid for your oil supply read Tips 1 - 4 Unfortunately, oil thefts in rural areas are increasing. Do take every precaution. Better safe than sorry.

Because the employment situation is slow to move, we have a free offer for you on our page Earn Extra Income in the centre block. This book has been selling at £7.99 and is now available free. Have a read and set up a small business of your own. It also includes a business for responsible teenage children. Get motivated and make a little extra cash.

Until next month – our best wishes and take care – Jo.

PS. To our readers in Queensland, Australia - when you are able to pick up this message - we send you our heartfelt wishes at this dreadful time and wish you well in picking up the threads of your lives. Good luck - mates!

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