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Save Money Newsletter for December, 2010
December 02, 2010

If you are affected by the heavy snow in the UK, wrap up warm, keep well and maybe check on your neighbours – just in case!

Now - to perk up and make your day more cheerful why not enter a free competition at My Chicken House All good fun. Remember, someone has to win.

Farmers’ Markets are flourishing and this page has been enlarged following a visit to Rickinghall.

On a note of caution. Although most people are busier than ever at this time of the year, please take time to read Supermarket offers. This scam is reputed to be operating in several parts of the UK. Keep your wits about you.

Dark nights. Thinking of protecting your home? Just common sense really – read all about A Private Burglary System If this seems a depressing item just think positive and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the live link. Evidence of a thief at work!

Have a very happy Christmas. Take a look and enjoy the merry band.

Until next year – our best wishes and take care – Jo.

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