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Save Money Newsletter for November, 2010
November 02, 2010

This Newsletter is a little earlier than usual for several reasons. First of all there is the opportunity to win £20k in cash, or a new car or a fantastic holiday. Just take a look at A chance to win It really is a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained. Entering is so very easy – literally tried and tested - and it is free!

From our Home Page you can meet two new characters just by clicking on Home Insurance on the Home Page Are these the new Likely Lads? Is one a shadow of the real self?

Christmas is now looming ahead. Why not ease some of the money pressures and look at Christmas Credit Crunch and also the continuation page Updated Christmas Savers? Save your pocket (and you) from becoming too stressed.

To make a difference, why not cook a batch of Superior potato wedges. Directions can be found at Fast Healthy Food at Tip. 7. These wedges will quickly turn a meal into a mini-feast.

Never, ever forget the following ‘pearls of wisdom':

"You cannot determine how long you will live,
but you can determine how well you will live."
Jim Rohn and Chris Widener in Twelve Pillars

Until next month, take care, Jo.

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