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Save Money Newsletter for October, 2010
October 15, 2010

October is now here with colder days and longer dark nights. But to balance this out we have loads of good news and tips for you.

First of all, one of our advertisers - - is running a brilliant TV advertising campaign. To benefit from their advice and low insurance quotations just click on Get a great quote and be ready for a surprise.

If you like the Haggler - Omid Djalili - you can watch him again at The Haggler

Take care of your money, donít fall victim of the Cunning Mastercard Scam

Still on the subject of money have you seen our pages Bankruptcy and Get Out of Debt Fast Both pages are packed with first class advice on subjects that are rarely spoken of in public.

Almost everyone shops in a supermarket at some time. Read our article Go Supermarket Shopping and Really Save Money then when you have a shopping day and have a little spare time, see how much more money you can save.

Bearing in mind the colder winter weather is now on the way, take a look at our page Weatherproof Your Home and be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Like me, do you work at a computer? Why not give yourself some breaks from your desk and preserve your health? Easy really. Exercise at home Yes, I know, exercise is something that Ďotherí people do, but this is easy

Now - a small request for help. Do you live near and use a Street or Farmerís Market? It is impossible for me to flit around the country or the world seeking these out. Could you please let me have the result of your visits at either Street Markets or Farmerís Markets You will find a readymade space for you to leave your message.

Thank you. All our other readers will also thank you for passing on your knowledge.

Until next month. Take care. Jo.

PS. Does your petrol/diesel fuel seem to disappear into thin air? Mintel research states that 140 million gallons of petrol evaporates into the atmosphere a year. They maintain this is because people do not have their petrol caps tightly closed.

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