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Save Money Newsletter for July, 2010
July 29, 2010

This month when we are already half-way through the year there is another good selection of money saving tips and news for you.

Take a look at Our Gardening Diary Why Mr. Mole and his relatives should find my vegetable patch so interesting I do not know. Read about the pillage of my plot under the July, 2010 entry.

A new page has been added with some good advice. Garden Pests

Also on gardening, can you help here please? Yucca Tree Problem?

Unfortunately times are starting to get harder, so take advantage of the free book still available at Free books. Because of the worsening employment situation this book - The Ultimate Business Manual – which normally costs £7.99 is free until December, 2010 Why not take up this offer now?

Also, why not take advantage of the page Ask A Financial Question Here you can remain completely anonymous and get good, free advice. Pick our brains. Quite often someone completely removed from the situation can spot an answer. Worth a try?

Take a look at Tip No. 17 on Household Cleaning Materials to find the secret electricity user in your home.

Your Car and Home Radios. Finally, do you relish the thought of sending your perfectly good FM radios to the rubbish tip and buying a new ones? Also, what about the one in your car? Take a look at Digital Radios and see how you can protest about this directly to the Minister concerned. So easy to do and it will only take you a couple of minutes of your time. If you don’t shout you can’t complain when things go against you.

Until next month, take care. Jo.

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