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Save Money Newsletter for June
June 25, 2010

Now that the Emergency Budget is here, economies become more important than ever, but letís take a look on the brighter side first.

Glorious June, well it has been making an effort these past few days. The thought of spending spare time outside in the garden is probably uppermost, so we have added some ideas for keeping your lawn up to scratch on Lawn Care Tips . Donít buy expensive, branded preparations, read Tips 1 and 2 for the cheaper route.

To save money growing a few vegetables is a good idea. If you go to Garden Tips take a look at Tip No. 13. If you know of a cheaper talcum powder, please pass the knowledge on to me.

After spending two lengthy sessions at the dentist recently this encouraged the writing of a new page How to Clean Your Teeth In case you are curious, no, this visit to the dentist was not neglect on my part but a long standing problem.

Do you have children or grandchildren? Why not take a look at Pocket Money and start them on the right road. We need to encourage the next generation to save.

Keep ahead of the rest by making good use of Save Money Guide You know it makes good sense.

Until next time, take care, Jo.

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