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Save Money Newsletter for May
May 28, 2010

Unfortunately there is a tale of woe on our page Our Gardening Diary. The vegetable plot has been visited by a mole.

Question: How could such a small creature cause so much destruction? Quite easily is the answer. It is a case of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, but definitely a case of living to fight another day!

If you have a space in your garden, please be kind to bees and plant some Stachy Lanata (Lambís Ears) they love this plant and it will help with pollination in your garden and elsewhere. Also the delicate grey leaves and pink flowers lighten up the flower border.

Do you have any views on wind farms?

The debate is hotting up on our page Have Your Say on Wind Farms One contributor is complaining about the inefficiency of these devices and the fact that they are an eyesore. Another writer states that we are paying twice for our electricity. Would you like to have your say? An excellent chance to let off steam? Excuse the pun.

Do you have children or grandchildren? Take a look at the excellent piece of reading on How to Spend Money It shows how one lady looks back on her childhood and the pleasure she gained from just 35p.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday ahead, drive safely and in the meantime,

Take care, Jo.

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