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Save Money Newsletter, Issue #002
October 29, 2008

As the credit crunch is squeezing still harder we have three money savers that can help to ease the burden. Everything in our Newsletters is always FREE, so take advantage.

1. If you are short of money and need a job done – perhaps DIY, why not get it done for ‘free’? Well almost. Take a look at the Barter Systems on our page There you will find 10 Barter Systems listed covering skills, books and even to council houses. Why not see if you can arrange a swap and get your DIY job done here?

2. We have found the ultimate Food Index for you. It is completely independent, not published by Government or Supermarkets. It shows you which foods are the best and cheapest as far as nutrition is concerned. So no more snacking on lobster – a fine chance! Take a look at all other the foods with a higher nutritional rating instead.

3. Two pages - and contain some real bargains from new furniture and large kitchen items to ink cartridges and Tesco deliveries. To suit all tastes and money saving – particularly on the free offers.

Find yourself a bargain.

Avoid a stealth tax – not a lot of people know this. If you go to and scroll down to Tip No. 7, you may well save yourself a fine of £1,000 instead of being caught.

Our next Monthly Newsletter will be sent to you slightly earlier in the month as we have some good money saving tips in readiness for Christmas.

Take care and with kind regards,

Jo Withey.

PS. If you would still like to order your free copy of our Ultimate Business Manual just follow the instructions at

This book will give you detailed instructions on starting up any one of a selection of 40 small businesses from home. Make money as well as saving it.

Do you have any money saving tips of your own to pass on to others? Why not let us know via
Come and join us!

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