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Save Money Newsletter for April
April 23, 2010

Yes - Spring has definitely sprung, and you might like to see what is happening in the Vegetable Garden There is also a new page on Lawn Care Tips .

Almost every page of the site has a new picture strip at the top. If you take a look at Quit Smoking this is a good example and at the end becomes humorous in a black way.

Now that the economy is getting tighter, and unfortunately likely to get even tighter in the future, take a look at Where Are the Jobs? to see if there is inspiration there for you.

Be generous Ė donít keep all your good news to yourself. Tell your friends about this excellent site that will help them to save and make money. Donít forget to Bookmark our Home Page for easy reference for all your money saving needs.

Why not make a few subtle changes in your life? Take a look at Start A New Life This page will show you how you can make subtle changes in your life, and who knows, even change it forever.

How about telling us a story and having your own web page? Take a look at Tell me A Story and also tell the world!

If you fancy a short break with a difference, try Unusual Holiday Breaks and get away from it all.

Something for all tastes here from black humour to telling us your story. Would that be black humour as well?

Until next time, take care. Kind regards, Jo.

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