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Save Money Newsletter for January
February 12, 2010

If all the snow and bad weather has made you feel ‘down’, take a break and look at the new banner heading on our site Save Money Guide

Hopefully, it makes the site look more accessible, inviting and explains what it is all about. If you would like to make a comment, please do so.

There are two new really good money saving sites mentioned on Shopping Made Easy Just scroll down to Tip No. 12 and see how it is possible to buy cheaper food. These two sites sell all top branded goods. Make your selection carefull and don't get carried away! Carriage charges appear to be very reasonable.

We have linked up with Dustbag UK This company sells vacuum cleaner bags at very competive prices, with low carriage rates. The company was recently featured on TV.

If you would like to take a holiday break without the usual sun, sea and sand take a look at our new page Unusual Holiday Breaks and make your choice.

Until next month, do take care. Jo.

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