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Save Money Newsletter for November
November 08, 2009

First of all the age old feminine question – Does my bum look big in this? The colder weather is coming and the need for comfort food lurks. Don’t store up problems for the coming Spring. There is only one real diet – eat less, move more. Flicking the switch on the TV remote control does not qualify as ‘exercise’. LOL.

This month we have some new and first class advertisers come to join us. Do give them a look: has an enormous selection of free money saving vouchers on offer just for the taking. Just give them a click and save even more money. (Peter Jones and Dragon’s Den fame is 'in') gives up-to-the-minute information on mortgages, loans, credit cards. etc. etc. If you should be lucky (?) enough to hold shares, you can get a free portfolio with this company and check the ups and downs of your holding every night after 6p.m.

At Autoquake you can buy a used car literally from the comfort of your own home – the wonders of modern technology - but at the same time have a 7 day money back guarantee in place.

If you would like to raise some extra cash try PhoneRecyclers for prices on your old mobile phones and unwanted iPods.

With the ‘puppy for Christmas season’ ahead can you spare a little time to give thought to the subject of dogs? is a thought provoking page full of good advice.

As you may have seen from the October entry in our Gardening Diary, work was temporarily halted due a mole invasion. The problem has been solved, a joiner has been found ready to construct a wooden frame over the plot along with a netting supplier. So it a question of watch this space.

Until next time, take care, Jo.

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