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Save Money Newsletter for September
September 21, 2009

There’s masses of really interesting news for you this month.

First of all on the Home Page of our site we have a new advertiser – They are featured just beneath the central box.

Why not give them a click at and browse around their pages; it could save you a mint of money. Peter Jones of ‘Dragon’s Den’ is featured in their TV adverts. You may have seen him in the ‘Den’ along with his fellow millionaires. I wish!

Then at you will find an article kindly contributed by the Director of Claims at Aviva. This one page could save you some of the worries if your off-spring has gone up to University this term.

Next we have a new article by our guest writer Stephen Turvil on the price/sale ratios of cars. www.

We have also added two ‘home grown’ articles - both of which are on flood related topics. These can be found at can be found at and" Better to be safe than sorry when buying a ‘new to you’ car.

Last but by no means least, there is our gardening blog which features the activities for the month. A large gardening project has almost been completed before winter takes over. www.

To save you endless flipping around on your computer you can now run a Google search by using the Google Search Box on any of our pages.

Have we forgotten anything? Is there a topic you would like covered on the save-money-guide site? If so, and it is feasible, we will do our best to oblige. Just go to www. and ‘drop us a line’.

Until next time, take care, Jo.

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