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Save Money Newsletter for July
July 30, 2009

Summer brightness comes and goes, but to permanently keep some brightness on our site, we have added a picture strip at the start of each page.

As there are well over 100 pages on the site the selection is great, but a good starting point is

Please let us know what you think regarding this new venture. You can write to us via the

We are always pleased to hear from you. While you are writing to us why not also choose a free book from as there are now seven free books on offer.

One free book that may well interest you can be found at It contains some very timely information about making money in this present tight economic circumstances.

Are you aware that when the new DB radio system comes into operation in the UK that all car radios with the FM system will become defunct? Take a look at our page

Like it or not, this system is scheduled to come into operation within the next six years and it may well mean that your car radio will be useless.

Until next month Take care. Jo.

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