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Save Money Newsletter for June
June 30, 2009

There are many ways of making money now, but as we always stick to the strictly legal ideas, have you thought of using your home as a film/advertising set? This is not so improbable as it sounds because sets can vary from the average semi to the downright luxurious mansion. Check out the details on our page

and maybe earn yourself a windfall. It is possible to make around £700 per day.

With the number of people now seeking jobs increasing and along with this - the demand for information, we are now able to reduce the price of our book ‘Looking for A Job’ to just £10.00

Tell your friends who may be urgently in need of help in this direction.

For all our motoring readers, we have added a new page from our guest author, Stephen Turvil, covering Vehicle Breakdown Insurance. Don’t literally ‘get stuck’ without the right and best cover for you. Take a read at:

On a personal note, I have just finished gathering the last of my strawberry crop, and the ‘strawberry mats’ have been an absolute boon. In addition to keeping the strawberries clean the mats also helped to suppress the weeds. Definitely a win win situation. See tip No. 23 at

Until next month – take care. Jo.

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