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Save Money Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Learn how to make money.
September 01, 2008

Unfortunately, it is credit crunch time with everyone being squeezed until it hurts.

We have three money saving ideas for you that should help.

1. Do you need more money? Do you have or can you make some spare time? We may have the solution.

Read our Ultimate Business Manual. We are now offering this FREE to all our members. At the moment this is offered at £14.99 on our sister web site –

To secure your FREE copy just go to fill in your email address and in the Comment space type the words Free Business Manual.

No charge, no catch - just an outstanding offer.
Read, enjoy and hopefully make some money!
87 pages containing 40 small businesses each with a start-up cost of around £20-50. Definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

There is even a business for your children to start building their own commercial empire!

2. To save money on petrol – the great rip-off – go to and read how to fill your tank to get more for your money. Oh, so simple.

3. We have added another two pages to help you save even more money and

Please don’t let any of these great opportunities pass you by and don’t leave any money on the table.

If any of your friends would like a copy of our FREE book, tell them to visit any of the pages at scroll down to the sign up section for membership and make a request as above. A copy of the book will be sent on to them in due course

Look out for our next Save Money Newsletter next month.

Happy reading.

All the best - Jo Withey

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